Barton Reading
A great tutoring system
for children, teenagers, or adults
who struggle with
spelling, reading, and writing
due to dyslexia
or a learning disability

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For Schools

“Our Barton students made TREMENDOUS gains. Their improvement in writing and spelling was unbelievable!”

Tracie Lutrell, Principal
Flippin Elementary, AR
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For Private Tutors

“As a reading tutor, I have tried many different strategies and programs. Yours is the finest I have ever used.”

Kerry Nickerson
Phoenix, AZ
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For Parents

“As a homeschool mom for 11 years of 4 children with learning challenges, I have used other   O-G programs.  Barton is BY FAR the best and most complete program.”

 Michele Reuter
Yulee, FL
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Rave Reviews from Barton Users


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Jody Perrin-Walters

Barton is awesome! It is simple to use,  and changed my entire way of looking at reading. My son loves it & I saw progress right away !

Susan is awesome too and so very helpful. :)

Like · Reply · at 10 hrs
Phoebe N Burt Beacham

It’s worth every penny. I have tutored my son for a year.

Like · Reply · 16 July 16 at 12:25 pm
Shannon Barry Duncan

Barton was a life changer for my now 11 year old! We started 2 years ago and stuck with it to the end. I can’t say enough good things about it! PM me if you want to talk details!!! Happy to share!

Like · Reply · at 21hrs ago
Ismary Jorro

Love what the Barton program has done for my child. Her reading has improved and so has her spelling. We are about to start level five and can’t wait to see what this level teaches her.

Like · Reply · 1 at 10 hrs ago