My son is now in Level 5 of the Barton System and he's in a reading frenzy. When we were shopping at Costco, I finally had to take his book away. He said it was so good he couldn't put it down. Those were the magic words I'd hoped to hear for so many years.

After one year of tutoring, he's gone from struggling with second-grade readers to rapidly and accurately reading -- and loving -- fifth-grade books. Your system is fabulous.

Sharon Marriott
Livermore, CA














Thanks to the Barton System, my fifth-grade son went from testing at a second-grade reading level to testing at a seventh-grade reading level in a year and a half.

In spelling, he's now testing at his grade level (fifth), up from a first-grade level last school year.

Sandy Gant, Saratoga, CA


The Barton Reading & Spelling System
is a one-on-one tutoring system
that will greatly improve the
spelling, reading, and writing skills

of children, teenagers or adults
who struggle due to dyslexia
or a learning disability.

You can change their entire future
by teaching them to read, write, and spell.

Watch this video to learn more.



The Barton System
At A Glance
The Barton Reading & Spelling System teaches people from all walks of life exactly how to tutor people with dyslexia.

Parents of dyslexic children can learn to become tutors, as can professionals like Reading and Resource Specialists, Speech-Language Therapists, Educational Therapists, and Private Tutors.

Professional certification is available.

The Barton System is:

And it is the fastest way to become a great tutor.

What is a Level?

The Barton System is divided into ten levels. Which means you don't have to learn the entire system before you start. You only need to learn one level at a time.

Each level is shipped in a separate, easy-to-store box and contains everything you need to be successful including tutor training on DVD, a tutor manual with complete lesson plans, our color-coded letter tiles and much more.

Step by step, we teach you the unique methods and sequence of teaching reading, spelling, and writing used by professionals in dyslexia clinics.

The Barton System is used by:

  • Parents – homeschool or after school
  • Volunteer tutors in Early Intervention Programs
  • Reading & Resource Specialists
  • Volunteer tutors in Adult Literacy Programs
  • Professional tutors
  • Dyslexia clinics


Advice for Homeschoolers
To hear Susan Barton's advice for homeschool parents who use (or are thinking about using) the Barton Reading & Spelling System, watch her free on-line video below.

For the handout that goes along with that video, click here.

By the way, that presentation also contains useful advice for parents thinking about homeschooling.


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